About the Designer and Brand

I’ve followed fashion ever since I can remember. Working in the corporate world, my love of fashion never waned, staying tucked in the back of my mind and wandering forward every now and again. Somehow I always hoped to make it a bigger part of my life than just a shopping spree! My idea for starting my clothing line actually evolved from my work with start-up companies in the Silicon Valley. Catching the start-up bug over the years and longing to take my ideas and turn them into more than just a big closet and cute outfits, I decided to begin my own company with a simple goal — establishing a fashion lifestyle brand that enables women to feel great while looking modern and chic. A culmination of my love for entrepreneurship and the creativity I enjoy in dreaming up different designs, my collections encompass a combination of clean lines, vibrant and classic colors, interesting textures, and bold prints—for me, no collection is complete without them! I believe fashion can make a big difference, and I never get tired of seeing a woman’s happy face when she’s at her best, even if it’s just with a pair of jeans and a great jacket (my favorite outfit). A balance between classic lines and contemporary looks that inspire confidence and comfort – that’s the Julie Dorst brand. I hope you’ll give it a try!